Wetland Park - Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

The area in the project is located in Belgrade, Serbia at the north part of Topčiderski park, in the valley of Topčiderka river. The site represents cultural heritage because of the educational, ecological, and historical value. The project is based on the idea that this area can be considered as a wetland park (water present either at or near the surface of the soil all year, soil saturated with moisture), and accordingly, all elements are defined by that.

The main goal is to create a pleasant place that will attract visitors, raise awareness, and educate the public to respect the environment, wetland areas, and protect water sources.

Floating wetland islands are an effective alternative to natural wetlands, providing numerous ecological benefits with the help of the biomimicry approach. This is a self-sustainable system that represents a holistic water management strategy with minimal environmental impact while creating diverse habitats above, below, and on the island.