Proper Front Yard Design for a Boosting Curb Appeal

Published: March 15, 2021

Creating a good front yard design is important if you want to make a good first impression of your house to a potential buyer or just for your own enjoyment. In the real estate business, they refer to it as curb appeal, a term that implies how good-looking your house and front yard are when overlooked from the street and sidewalk.

Whether you are planning on renovating your front yard or you have a blank canvas that needs a completely new design here are some of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration.

Follow HOA rules

Before you begin with designing and construction be sure that you know all the rules from the Homeowner Association (HOA). Some associations can be very strict so make sure that you understand all the limitations. It is much easier and cheaper to plan everything ahead and create a design that will follow all the rules and constraints.

Proper plant selection

Planting areas will reach their full potential if the greenery is chosen to fit the microclimate, sun exposure, and desired level of maintenance. Choosing proper plant species is a must and it can be done with the help of a landscape architect and your local plant nursery. Plants should complement each other, house architecture, and hardscaping elements. Use a mix of evergreen and deciduous plants of different heights and textures for all year round interest.

Add greenery with flower boxes and planters

A very easy and effective way to add color and interest is to place a couple of flower boxes on the windows and porch. Make sure that the boxes match the overall house design and that plants will be able to thrive in that position. Big and bulky containers with focal point plants like spiral juniper next to the front door will bring all the attention to the entrance. Annuals such as petunias, geraniums, and begonias are a good choice if you want an instant pop of color with beautiful flowers.

Hardscape is fun

Well defined entry path with the right materials is not just a functional feature of the front yard but an aesthetical element as well. Choose the materials that work well with the house facade and colors that endorse softscape . Big driveways can be boring sometimes so choose the interesting pattern and mix materials to bring dynamics into space.

Invest in Lights

Low voltage lighting will add a nice touch during nighttime while providing safety and security. Illuminate the path areas and accentuate big plants with spotlights. Create depth with different heights of landscape lights but verify that the light source is below eye level because otherwise, it can be pretty uncomfortable for the eyes. If you are looking for a subtle light, solar options are the best ones.

Unique hardware

Making small changes and improvements to the hardware will go a long way because it is such a quick but noticeable upgrade. Add new or polish an existing mailbox, lockset, house numbers, gutters, downspouts, etc. Enhancing all of these elements can be a DIY weekend project where you can create fun designs with a personal touch.

Make a welcoming entry

Choose the right design and color for your front door and porch that will reflect the interior design but also compliment the exterior architecture. Don’t be afraid to choose a bright color for your door but firstly paint a small portion to decide whether you like it or not. Make the front entry inviting and friendly by adding a sitting area with chairs and a coffee table on the porch.

Spruce up the garage doors

Garage doors may sometimes be dominant when looking at a house from a street. Small improvements that will add detail and depth to this area such as painting or adding new hardware will make a great impact on the overall design. Use the paint that will help the garage doors to blend into the house and be less dominant. Wait for the dry season so that paint can dry properly in a shorter period of time.

Fence design

There is not any strict rule whether you should have the front yard fenced or not, it depends on your neighborhood and your personal choice. Fence design should be inspired by house architecture and especially the front yard portion should be ornamental to add value to the property. The amount of privacy that you desire will dictate the overall design and materials that will be used.

Take care of the lawn

Most front yards have big areas of grass so it is very important to regularly maintain the lawn. Mowing, pulling weeds, raking off leaves should be done constantly, and having a good irrigation system will keep the grass looking fresh. If you are living in an area where the grass is really hard to maintain consider some of the alternatives such as micro clover, creeping thyme, gravel, mulch, groundcover plants, succulents, etc.